Monday, July 26, 2010

Nas and Amy Whinehouse spotted in London

 Nassir "NAS" Jones crossed the pond to kick it with Amy Whinehouse. He was spotted in London getting upclose and personal  with the queen of drama. According to the third track on Winehouse's 2006 Grammy award winning LP Back to Black was entitled "Me and  Mr. Jones" and was rumored to have been written about NAS. Lyrics in the song include, "nobody stands in between me and my man, it's me and Mr. Jones," and Winehouse crooning, "I still wonder about the things you do." Well, judging from the pictures and despite Winehouse's defense of her relationship with clean cut filmmaker Reg Traviss, maybe the rumors were true.
I'm sure the two can come up with a hit song or two but Amy seems to be still struggling with her demons maybe Nas can help her overcome them. And hook her up with some soulfood to get some meat on her bones. Amy looks so fragile.
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