Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hott Track: Rihanna and Kanye Remix 'Diamonds'

Rihanna uploaded the remix to her 'Diamonds' single with just two days until the release of her new album Unapologetic. The remix features her industry brother Kanyeezy spittin a few hott lines on the hit song.

Snippet of Ye's verse: 

-We da cause of all the commosion\Your mouth runnin but where is you goin
-What is you smokin man that aint potent\What is you talkin man that aint impo'tan'
-Illuminati, high society\We in this party and nobody invited me
-We goin crazy and I always use my best sense\But it don't matter cause I stay on my fresh Prince
-Maxin' relaxin' shootin' some pool\ and playin' some b-ball outside of the school
-And girls with they top off outside of the pool\ and whips with the drop off outside of the Louis V
-You just look stupid to be ignorin' the Delorean parked in front of Armani emporium
-And parties of Richie is gettin' risky\ Victoria Secret show they miss me
-Voices in my head/ I need choices in my bed\wwwww get out my f'ckin' head
-It's just me and my bad b*tch\You can say I'm on my Brad Pitt
-Back to the La'famili I'm in line with\before I betray them I'd slit my wrist

Listen below:

The video for the original version of 'Diamonds' was released less than two weeks ago and already has more than 27 million views. In case you've been living under a rock and haven't seen the video check it out below.
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