Sunday, January 20, 2013

Atlanta Rapper Shawty-Lo Fights For "All My Babies Mommas" Reality Show

Lol for the girl standing far-left like she don't want to be near the rest of the baby mamas. 

Jesus took the wheel! Atlanta Rap Artist, Carlos "Shawty-Lo" Walker isn't letting a little thing like Oxygen Network stop him from showing the world what his day-to-day tacts include as a rapper and father of ELEVEN kids (by ten different women).

Whew!  Give the guy a break he has to find another avenue to get his child support payments made every month. The rap game just isn't the same these days. He currently has a joint venture deal with G-unit Records but the real reality is that everybody ain't getting money like Maybach Music or Cash Money Records right now, so you gotta be creative.

HLN's Showbiz Tonight host AJ Hammer speaks with the rapper as he comes out in support of his ‘All My Babies' Mamas’ reality show, recently cancelled on Oxygen due to public outrage. Go figure.

“This is my life story, this is real reality,” Shawty stated in defense of the show.

The poster child for 50 Cent's 'Have A Baby By Me' doesn't understand why they won't let him put Bowen Projects on the map. His youngest child is 11 and he cares for all his children emotionally and financially, and is not in the business of promoting unprotected sex.

He wants the world to know that he started having children while trying to find himself after his grandmother died when he was seventeen. She raised him because his mother was a drug addict and his father was not around.

An astounding 40,000 people signed the petition to keep his show off the air.

It's no secret that Atlanta-based reality shows are hott right now. You can't blame Shawty for wanting a piece of the pie. Tip and 'em got a show. So did Scrappy. So why can't Shawty get one?
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