Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lyfe Jennings Pens Open Letter To Fans + Listen To His New Track "Boomerang"

Lyfe Jennings brings back the true essence of, and fire in R&B music. The new single “Boomerang,” features a soft piano melody with a powerful confessional hook; it’s a song about karma.

 “If you break a woman’s heart that it's going to come back to you,” explains Lyfe.

The devoted father adds, “If you disrespect her and don’t pay attention to her feelings, she’s not just going to get over it. You don’t realize that when it’s happening though. That’s what the songs about.”

 “Boomerang” was written by Lyfe Jennings and produced by G2G  and  LaShaunda “Baby Girl” Carr.

Listen to "Boomerang" and read the open letter Lyfe  dedicated to his Lyfelong fans below:

Lyfe Letter

Mass Appeal Entertainment signed a joint venture with Lyfe and is set to release his new album this fall via Ingrooves Fontana distribution. With his fifth studio release on the horizon, the Atlanta-based singer/songwriter is primed to have the R&B album of the year.

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